Girls Who Will…

In 2011, I founded Girls Who Will… (GWW) a summer program for middle- and high-school girls. In 2011, twenty-seven (27) girls, completed the GWW Program. During the week-long program, participants created mobile apps using AppInventor and designed and implemented digital games using Scratch. In 2012, twenty-six (26) middle and high school girls participated in a two-week version of GWW. The girls learned about the CS Principles of Creativity, the Internet, and Programming when learning HTML to create websites. GWW has included BSU undergraduate and graduate students who worked as near-peer technical mentors, and AA women PhDs who served as career professionals. In 2013, seventeen (17) middle and high school girls learned about computing and simple circuits by learning about with 3D printing, wearable computing with Arduino Lilypads, as well as Cybersecuirty.

To date, nearly one hundred (100) middle- and high-school girls have participated in the program.

The camp is 2 weeks, Monday – Friday, from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm. The camp meets at in the Computer Science Department of Bowie State University.

The girls will learn about:

  • Computer Science – learn about career opportunities for women in Computer Science
  • Game Design & Development – use a visual programming environment to create digital games
  • App Development -create mobile apps for Android devces
  • Cybersecurity – learn about how to encrypt data for secure transmission across networks

Our goal is to :

  • Share Our Passion– about Computer Science, Computing, and Technology with middle and high school girls.
  • Provide A Foundation – upon which girls can use as the basis for making career decisions

For more information see:

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